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 General or Academic IELTS Writing Courses covering Task 1   and Task 2. 

Welcome to our IELTS writing course page. Here you will everything you need to know about our writing courses. Information about each course is clearly and simply detailed below.


Please take a good read of all of this information before purchasing a course and if you have any questions about anything you read or about something else about our courses, then feel free to get in touch with your questions.

Please note:

 Writing courses are for either the General or Academic module.

 Let's get you that band score you need 

Struggling to achieve your required band score in writing?

Well, you have come to the right place for guidance, training and counselling. We've been teaching and helping students to achieve their desired band score for over 10 years and so far, we have never had a student fail to reach their score.

We know it can be confusing trying to navigate the IELTS waters, not knowing where to go, whom to turn to for advice, where to go for explanations, examples and model answers.


At Be Monsterful, were here not to just help you pass, but to make sure you pass whilst having fun and enjoying your studies.

We are here with you every step of the way until you pass - no matter how long it takes and we're still here when you've passed should you need us to help you again with your academic studies.


The IELTS test will never be easy. It is ​carefully designed​ to assess your English ability up to Band 9, so it has to be difficult in places. 

Though it is also a test of your ​general English​ that is why our courses ensure you've got all the areas covered leading up to the exam so you pass with flying colours.

We have done everything we can to make IELTS interesting and memorable so that you WANT to study, you remember more, and you learn faster.

 About our courses.

  • Our writing courses are bite-sized​ - All the key information is packed into short, 20-minute videos.

  • Step by step​ - All the courses follow a logical progression, from beginner to advanced level

  • Clear and easy to follow​ aims and objectives


  • Visually appealing and lively​​ themes and concepts to make the lesson content memorable

  • Flexible​ - You can speed up or slow down the lessons - you study at your own pace.

  • Suitable for different types of learners​ - You can print off, write on and keep all of the practice materials.

  • Supported ​- Our teachers will never abandon you to work by yourself. They have a Google classroom group to join and they are there to motivate you and give you ​feedback as and when needed.

  • Qualified & Experienced ​ - Our teaching staff are qualified, trained and experienced IELTS practitioners. They have been involved with IELTS exams for a long time and have all been examiners at some point in the past.

  • Depending on the length of the course you take, you will receive up to 20 pieces of detailed feedback on your writing assignment with corrections and suggestions on how to improve with examples.

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