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Modern Slavery Statement

Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking statements and policy


In accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Be Monsterful Ltd is mandated by itself to prepare an annual anti-slavery and anti-trafficking statement detailing the measures taken to ensure modern slavery does not exist in its business or supply chains.




Be Monsterful Ltd has established an Anti-Slavery and Anti-Trafficking Policy (as detailed below) expressing its dedication to combating slavery and human trafficking and to functioning with uprightness in all its operations, interactions and supply chains. The policy outlines the methods Be Monsterful’s distinct procurement and HR practices, policies and regulations comply with its policy promise.


As of 10th September 2020, the following specific measures are in effect:


  • To ensure continued compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, Be Monsterful's Finance Division regularly reviews all new and revised suppliers and reactivation requests, in addition to controlling the Trade Supplier Portal for questioning potential new suppliers on their conformity with the Modern Slavery Act 2015 during due diligence processes.


  • Be Monsterful Ltd will persist in educating its staff and suppliers on the topics of modern slavery and human trafficking, as well as the importance of adequate due diligence and risk assessment processes, in alignment with the company's policy.


Anti-slavery and anti-trafficking policy


The Modern Slavery Act 2015 recognizes and condemns modern slavery, which encompasses slavery, forced labour, and human trafficking, causing individuals to be deprived of their freedom for the purposes of commercial or personal gain.


Be Monsterful Ltd is determined to take a stand against slavery and human trafficking, and to always act with the utmost integrity in all its dealings, relationships, and supply chains. It expects its staff, suppliers, contractors, and others with whom it does business to uphold the same high standards.


All individuals doing business with Be Monsterful Ltd, including employees, workers, consultants, contractors, and suppliers, are expected to comply with this policy.


Monsterful Ltd acknowledges the potential for a supply chain to incorporate a hidden or unknown subcontractor utilizing forced labour, and will take proactive steps to mitigate this risk.


Despite the low risk of modern slavery present in its supply chains due to the nature of its operations, Be Monsterful Ltd as an English language education school takes its responsibility to combat modern slavery seriously, as evidenced by its commitment to uphold and promote the following policy measures:


  • Be Monsterful Ltd expects all staff and any entities under its control to uphold their responsibility in preventing, detecting, and reporting any instances of modern slavery in its business or supply chains.


  • It is essential that thorough due diligence procedures are established to assess potential exposure to modern slavery, including examining human rights within a particular sector and country, the type of service provided, the countries in which services are supplied, the relationships with suppliers, and the complexity of the supply chain(s).


  • All aspects of the supply chain must be continuously evaluated and managed for the risk of modern slavery, with any high-risk suppliers subject to further audit. The Finance Division and other finance-focused roles across Be Monsterful receive specialized instruction on the importance of these measures.


  • Be Monsterful Ltd strongly encourages individuals to voice any concerns about modern slavery, either through its forums or blog, and will provide support to anyone who acts in good faith.


  • All of Be Monsterful’s policies and procedures are in line with its dedication to preventing modern slavery and human trafficking.


  • Be Monsterful Ltd is committed to actively combating modern slavery and human trafficking, and will outline its efforts in its annual anti-slavery and anti-trafficking statement.


  • Violations of this policy will be met with serious disciplinary actions from Be Monsterful Ltd, and may even result in the termination of relationships with organizations or suppliers.


  • This policy is regulated by the Governance and Compliance Division, and was last approved by the Council on September 10th, 2020.

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