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Our Philosophy And Approach

At Be Monsterful, we have a modern and sophisticated philosophy and approach to learning English as a foreign language. We believe that the best way to acquire a mastery of the English language is to understand both the language and the cultural context in which it is used. This allows students to gain a deeper appreciation for language nuances and to develop a greater understanding of diverse cultures. By providing learners with a comprehensive foundation to explore a foreign language, we strive to give students the tools to become confident communicators in any social setting.


We prioritize the use of real-world scenarios to enable learners to develop an authentic understanding of how English is spoken. Our approach involves teaching learners not only the language rules but also connecting these rules to everyday, practical situations. This encourages learners to create an intuitive understanding of the English language, bridging the gap between theory and practice.


Secondly, our approach to teaching English as a foreign language emphasizes interactive learning. We recognize that the traditional methods of instruction may not be suitable for all learners. To make the learning process more engaging, we incorporate activities such as role-playing, debates, and simulated conversations into our lessons to help students gain a better understanding of grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, our students benefit from the use of multimedia tools and online resources, which provide an innovative and interactive way to learn. By combining these elements, our students are able to develop their language skills more effectively and have fun while doing it!


Finally, our approach values an awareness of cultural diversity and the dynamics involved between countries and cultures. We recognize the importance of successfully communicating across different cultures, and strive to create an inclusive learning environment in the classroom. Through a range of learning activities, we aim to provide learners with plenty of opportunities to gain a better understanding of different cultural backgrounds and celebrate the unique perspectives of others.

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