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Statements Of Educational Purpose

1. To teach language students to think and communicate fluently in English.


2. To promote cultural exchange between students in an international environment.


3. To use interactive teaching methods that stimulate learning.


4. To provide language instruction that is tailored to the needs of the student.


5. To utilize a variety of learning activities that foster linguistic, cultural and academic proficiency.


6. To design and implement language courses that are meaningful and relevant.


7. To foster the ability of students to apply the language in a practical and effective way.


8. To develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills of language learners.


9. To encourage a sense of community and collaboration among language students.


10. To ensure that language instruction is not only enjoyable but also educational.


11. To promote an appreciation and understanding of different cultures.


12. To build the confidence of language learners in their ability to communicate in English.


13. To prepare language students for academic success in English.


14. To provide ongoing assessment to ensure that language instruction is meeting the needs of the learner.


15. To promote a lifelong love of learning and build language skills to be used in everyday life.


16. To integrate language skills in the real world and encourage students to use English in practical and meaningful ways.


17. To ensure that language instruction is culturally aware and includes real-world examples and applications.


18. To provide a platform for language exchange and collaboration between students.


19. To equip language learners with the tools and resources necessary to become successful communicators.


20. To foster self-reflection and growth amongst language students as they progress in their language studies.

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