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Every Monday



A1 to C2 - Beginner to Advanced

15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 Lessons per week
(1 lessons = 60

Mon – Fri
Throughout the day 
from 09:00 – 18:00

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 One-to-one classes can be taken as a one-to-one class 

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 Limited availability - check before booking 

 Classes have a maximum of 1 student 

 Your confidence will improve as we train you  in all four communication skills: speaking,  listening, reading and writing 



English One-to-One classes are private tutoring sessions with a native English speaker that are designed to help non-native speakers develop their reading, writing, and conversational language skills.


Classes are tailored to the individual’s needs, so they can select topics related to the student's interests and level of language understanding.


They are ideal for students who are looking to improve their English in a personalized and efficient manner.

Course content and scope

At Be Monsterful, all one to one classes are designed and tailored for each student's unique reason to study English.  However, here is general idea of what a typical English language speaking course might include. A typical English language speaking course might cover the following topics:


Pronunciation: The course would focus on the correct pronunciation of words and sounds in English, including the sounds of vowels and consonants, stress and intonation, and connected speech.


Vocabulary: Students would learn a wide range of vocabulary words, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, and how to use them correctly in different contexts.


Grammar: The course would cover the basics of English grammar, including sentence structure, verb tenses, and sentence connectors.


Conversation skills: Students would practice speaking in English through role-plays, group discussions, and other activities, in order to develop their confidence and fluency in speaking the language.


Listening and comprehension: The course would focus on developing students' listening skills, including understanding spoken English in different accents and in a variety of contexts.


It's important to note that this is just a general idea of what a typical English language speaking course might include, and actual courses may vary in their focus and content.

Skills training

At Be Monsterful,  typically, students who take a one-to-one English language speaking course focus on developing and improving the following language skills:

Pronunciation: This includes correct stress and intonation patterns, as well as accurate production of sounds.


Fluency: The focus is on helping students to speak more quickly and smoothly, with a natural flow, and with fewer pauses and hesitations.


Vocabulary: This includes expanding the student's vocabulary by introducing new words and phrases, and teaching the student how to use them in context.


Grammar: The focus is on helping the student to use English grammar correctly and consistently, including verb tenses, sentence structures, and word order.


Listening Comprehension: The student will work on improving their ability to understand spoken English, including being able to follow conversations, understand native speakers, and comprehend audio and video materials.


Conversation Skills: The student will practice speaking English in a variety of real-life situations, such as making small talk, participating in discussions, and asking and answering questions.


Presentation Skills: The student may also practice giving presentations in English, including making eye contact, using gestures, and speaking clearly and concisely.


In a one-to-one course, the teacher will be able to focus on the specific needs and goals of the individual student, and can tailor the lessons to address any areas of weakness or challenge for the student.

Course outcomes

A typical English one-to-one Be Monsterful course is designed to help students improve their English language skills in a personalized and focused manner. The course outcomes for such a course would typically include:

Improved Spoken English: Students will learn how to speak English fluently and with confidence, including pronunciation, intonation, and stress patterns.


Enhanced Vocabulary: Students will expand their vocabulary by learning new words and phrases, and will learn how to use them in context.


Improved Grammar: Students will learn how to use English grammar correctly and will practice using grammar structures in context.


Better Reading and Writing Skills: Students will improve their reading comprehension and writing skills, including writing emails, letters, and essays.


Listening and Comprehension: Students will learn how to listen and understand English in a variety of contexts, including in conversation and when listening to native speakers.


Cultural Awareness: Students will learn about different cultures and customs, and will understand how language and culture are interrelated.


Test Preparation: Students will receive guidance and preparation for English language proficiency tests such as the IELTS or Cambridge business exams.


In a one-to-one course, the teacher will tailor lessons to the individual student's needs and abilities, and will use a variety of teaching methods, including conversation, reading and writing exercises, and multimedia resources. The course outcomes will vary based on the student's individual goals, but the overall aim will be to help the student become more confident and proficient in using the English language.

Be Monsterful testimonial photo 1
Be Monsterful student Isaac

Isaac, China

Taking online speaking classes for two months was a great decision - I'm so glad I did it! It allowed me to practice and develop my speaking, and now I feel like I can communicate better - thank you!

Be Monsterful Student Felicity.png

Felicity, Chile

Studying online was a great experience - I had so much fun, and the teacher's humor made learning English enjoyable!

Be Monsterful Student Juliette.png

Juliette, UK

I want to give a big thank you to Be Monsterful! The class was good!, fun and I like studying English my teacher. he gave me so much knowledge and now I'm feeling more confident in my English speaking and writing skills.

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