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 English For Exams 

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 English for Exams 

 (IELTS, C2, C1, B2) 


Every Monday




A1 to C2 - Beginner to Advanced

15, 20, 25, 30, 35, or 40 Lessons per week
(1 lessons = 60

Mon – Fri
Throughout the day 
from 09:00 – 18:00

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English for exams can be taken as one-on-one classes or in small groups, either in person or online.

 Sample lesson timetable 

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 Limited availability - check before booking 

The maximum number of students in a class is 12.

As we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, your confidence will improve.

 English for exams

 (IELTS, C1, C2, B2) 


Our courses are a great way for those with a good level of English to gain formal recognition of their language skills by taking the C1, C2, B2, or IELTS tests. We have years of experience in helping candidates prepare for these exams, and our courses have been designed to meet our students' needs and help them reach their desired outcomes.


As we know from our many years of experience, there are three key areas that all students should focus on when preparing for any English language proficiency exam: improving overall language proficiency, honing in on specific, exam-related language skills (grammar, vocabulary, study, and exam techniques) and practicing with authentic examinations under typical exam conditions.

Course content

The classes utilize an integrated approach, combining lessons in language and skills such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students may opt to supplement these classes with elective courses. These electives build upon the topics discussed in the main classes while focusing on specific elements of the exam and also on achieving overall fluency.


Our classes combine the use of the coursebook with real-world materials, videos and interactive technology to promote effective language learning. To better monitor student progress, we administer full practice tests every week, as well as give them realistic practice in an exam setting.

Mocks exams and feedback

We offer weekly mock exams to help our students reach their full potential. Our mock exams are designed to provide all students with a safe and controlled environment in which to practice and build exam skills.

Here are just a few of the benefits students enjoy when taking our mock exams:

  1. Familiarization: Get to know the format and structure of the actual exam, reducing test anxiety and increasing confidence on the day of the exam.

2. Practice: Put your skills and knowledge to the test with our realistic mock exams, allowing you to identify areas in which you need to improve.

3. Time Management: Develop your time management skills, allowing you to work efficiently under exam conditions.

4. Feedback: Our feedback is second to none, providing our students with comprehensive and actionable insights into their performance, helping them understand what they need to work on in order to improve.

Our experience and skills instructors have extensive experience with language proficiency exams and are dedicated to helping our students reach their full potential. They provide all students with detailed feedback on their performance, including suggestions for improvement and personalized study plans.

So, why wait? Sign up today and take your language proficiency to the next level with Be Monsterful!


With our mock exams, comprehensive feedback, and expert instruction, our students have everything they need to succeed on the IELTS, C1, C2, or B2 exams.

Course outcomes

Those who successfully complete our preparation courses:

  • Gain increased confidence in their English usage.

  • Develop a strong understanding of the linguistic skills and knowledge needed for the exam.

  • Utilize their language skills to the fullest extent in order to meet the test's requirements.

  • Possess a solid foundation of the linguistic skills necessary for studying in a predominantly English-speaking environment.

Be Monsterful testimonial photo 1
Be Monsterful Student Dan.png

Dan, Spain

I highly recommend Be Monsterful for its fantastic teachers who are patient, and knowledgeable and make learning a new language fun. 

Be Monsterful Student Jin

Jin, Japan

Had a great time and learned so much. Thank you kindly for everything and I would recommend Be Monsterful in a heartbeat.

Be Monsterful Vasili_edited.jpg

Vasili, Ukraine

The time passed so quickly because I was having so much fun and I learned so much. Thank you for everything.

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