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 English language learning   and tuition online 


Every Monday




A1 to C2 - Beginner to Advanced


15, 20, 25, 30, 35 or 40 Lessons per week
(1 lessons = 45 mins)


Mon – Fri
Throughout the day 
from 09:00 – 17:15

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 Why do I need online speaking classes? 

Learning to speak English is more than just memorizing vocabulary and grammar - it's also about immersing yourself in a new culture and exploring a different way of thinking. Through English, you can gain unique perspectives, open your eyes to different possibilities, and explore a world of exciting ideas. With English, you can communicate with people from all around the world, connecting to new cultures and experiences in ways that weren't possible before.

Learning a new language can prove to be an incredibly rewarding experience, affording you the chance to leave your comfort zone and engage with the world in a totally different way. Not only will you be able to explore the culture of your chosen destination, but you will also be able to do so with a deeper understanding that can only come from being able to communicate with locals in their native tongue.

Communicating in a person's native language can establish strong interpersonal relationships and create engaging and meaningful conversations. Furthermore, becoming proficient in another language can increase one's self-awareness, as well as cultivate a richer awareness of the cultures, people, and places in their surroundings.


Speaking another language can give you a tremendous edge in the job market, widening the range of job opportunities available to you and increasing your prospects for success. Being multilingual can be essential for business, diplomacy, politics, and any other field which requires communication and exchange with people from different cultural backgrounds. It is more and more recognised as a valuable skill set that can set you apart from the competition in an increasingly globalised and interdependent world.


Learning a new language can unlock an array of cognitive benefits. Not only can it sharpen your problem solving, perception and multitasking skills, it can also make you more empathetic, creative and even help reduce the risk of dementia in old age. Becoming multilingual has long-term implications for the way your brain functions and, as shown by many studies, is an invaluable asset for life.


Before starting the course, you will take an online test, a writing exercise, and have a speaking assessment with one of our teachers. Based on your skills, you will be placed in the best suited level. Our teachers will tailor their lessons to the needs and levels of each class.

 The online class 

Students will be able to connect via video in small groups or one-on-one tuition sessions. They will learn and have plenty of opportunities to practice all four key English skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. There will be a particular emphasis on communication, and students will work individually or in small groups.


After each lesson, students will receive homework and access to online course materials for self-study. Our teachers provide feedback and support, as well as a variety of motivating, interesting digital learning resources to help them reach their language learning goals.

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